Simiane La Rotonde 
    Alpes de Haute Provence
    south of France
When you leave the road to go up to the porch of the high village you discover madiaeval doors, remains of handicraft workshops, XVIIIth century rich portals...  

The Rotonde
The ancient castle of Simiane left us the rotonde, immense donjon chapel restored in 1875, one of the most beautifull monument in this region. In the beginning it was a outside hexagon and a regular dodecagon in the inside with a crypt beneath a magnificently adorned floor. The inside shows a cupola with 12 cornices sculptured as human masks. We notice the central lantern and the beautifull roman door between the chapel and the buildings of the castle.  
This surprising architecture would be the idea of a lord of Simiane back from crusade. We would better see a similarity to the big rotonde rooms using for kitchen in the ancient abbeys.  

Visits: 1st april to 1st october, tel: 00 33 4 92 75 90 14 

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